Saturday, February 22, 2014

Axial SCX-10 Jeep Build - Part 8 - RC4WD Rok Lox 1.9 Comp Tire's & Axial Beadlock Rims

I got Some Black Rubbers!!!! ;)
     Well its time to put some new tires and rims on the Axial SCX-10 today. I am so excited to see how well they perform. What I ended up picked up, was a set of RC4WD Rok Lox 1.9 comp tires, as well as some Axial silver beadlock rims. After assembling four tires and rims the night before, I will show you how to assemble the last tire that i am going to need for my Axial SCX-10 Jeep Wrangler, as well as seeing how they look in comparison to the old stock Maxxis Trepador tires. Surprisingly their is not much of a different in the tire size!

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RC4WD Rok Lox Part # - Z-T0093 (Purchases these Tire from