Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Axial SCX-10 Jeep Wrangler Build - Project overview! Scale 4x4 Truck!

The Axial SCX-10, is worlds most recognized 4x4 scale off-road Truck! With Several different variations of the model, they all resemble one thing!   FUN! No matter how young or old we are, Their is an SCX-10 model out their for someone!
Well mine was the Axial SCX-10 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2012! This truck has been the best RC truck I have ever purchased! This truck has taught me so much over the past 10 months, from the design and operation of the truck to realizing how much of a community their really is out beyond my workbench.....
 With the help of DjMedic2008 (Owner & Operator of RC Adventures & RCSparks) Who has led me into a whole other world of RC's With Scale trucks. I have taken my very first scale truck and turned it into a dream machine! With that said I look forward to producing so many more videos for all of you, and enjoying the fun and adventures that this truck brings with me and my family!
The Axial SCX-10 has undergone a complete overhaul. I have done so many different things, including a scale Firestick Antenna, Teken 35 Turn motor, plasti -diping the ESC, Waterproofing the axles, to RC4WD Bumpers, and LED lights. Now their are a few things I still need to do to the truck like, Install a custom LED light kit, and Install a Winch. But those will come in time.
I hope you all enjoy this video of me showing and explaining the few things I have done to this truck. Please feel free to ask me any questions, and I will do my very best to answer them for all of you. you will find below a list of all the parts installed on the Axial SCX-10 Jeep Wrangler at the time of this video.
-Traxxas 5000MAH 2s Lipo Battery - Hobby Store
-Axial Solid 4 Link Suspension , Solid steering link (kit) - Hobby Store
-Deans connectors - Hobby Store
-Spectrum DX3C Controller and Receiver - Hobby Store
-Axial Light Bucket Kit - Ebay
-Axial Light Bucket Lens Kit - Ebay
-Axial Full Metal Transmition Gear Set - Ebay
-Axial Simple Led Controller - Ebay
-Axial 2 Red / 2 White Led Sets - Ebay
-Savox Waterproof Steering Servo w/steering horn -
-Proline Roof Rack and Accessories -
-Hot Racing D-Rings -
-Hot Racing 90MM Shocks -
-Axial Bead lock Rims -
-RC4WD Rok Loc Tires -
-Accessorie Stickers -
-Axial Aluminum Steering Knuckles -
-Axial C-Hubs -
-Axial Rear Lock Outs -
-RC4WD Tough Armor Front bumper -
-RC4WD Tough Armor Rear Bumper -
-RC4WD Tough Armor Side Rails -
-Vanquish Led Light Bar -
-Vanquish LED Light Bar Bracket -
-Teken 35 Turn Brushed Motor -
-Acer Racing Bearing Kit -
-Scale Firestick Antenna - Custom Made

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Music Found in the video is from the Following,
- "Revolution Now" by Josh Woodward -
-"Penumbia" Kevin MacLeod (