Monday, April 7, 2014

Proline's 2.2 Big Joe II Tire Review / Overview!

Proline's 2.2 Big Joe II Tire Review / Overview!

*Proline's newest 2.2 sized tires, the Big Joe II All Terrain's. Are an incredible tire!*

These tires were originally designed for the for 1:16 Summit and Savage XS Flux. Unfortunately I do not have either.....but I do have a 1:16 E-Revo, witch is very similar to the 1:16 Traxxas summit. Today I venture out to two different locations to really test out these tires and see really, what they are capable of on several different types of terrain.

After doing some driving I have discovered that the tires do need a small break in period before they soften up. Otherwise they are just too stiff for my revo to handle comfortably. After 1 battery pack, the tires were definitely more enjoyable to drive with. Their is really no terrain that these tires don't excel in!

In the video I do a lot of action shots just to show off the capability of the tire as well as feeling like you are immersed in the test drive with me! I hope you all enjoy this video as I do plan on making more with the revo and the Big Joe II All Terrain tire!

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*Big Joe II tires and Proline Logos are bolth Trademarks and copywrite of Proline Racing*

Big Joe II  (2.2)Tires -
Desperado Rims -

Vehicle specs:
-Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo
-Stock gearing
-Stock brushless motor
-Acer racing bearings
-Traxxas metal driveshaft's
-2s Lipo battery 2200MAH
-RPM control arms
-Traxxas toe links & rocker Links