Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tips on making a good RC Video.

          Some of you know i recently asked some questions on Google+, regarding some basic information on what people like about and dont like about YouTube videos. This is what i have come up with.....I am creating this as a general guide from my own expirences and from insite directly from other youtubers and how they watch videos. ****NOTE*** 10 youtubers had replied back to these questions, in wich providing me a GENERAL statistics to go off of ( 10 out of 10 people = 100%)   


So Here it is!

-70% of YouTubers would rather watch a shorter video in general.

-100% of Youtubers say, they recomend a shorter video for " ACTION STYLE" Videos.

-100% of YouTubers Say, when describing, Showing, Talking... Length of time dose not matter.

-30% of YouTubers sayed, time is not a reall Factor when watching the video as long as everything else about the video is interesting!

-75% of YouTubers say, Quality of the video (image wise) is important. 25% say it dose not matter.

-50 % of Youtubers will skip threw a video, if it gets boring.

What dose all of this mean exsacly? Well its actully pritty simple if You think about it!

-If your going to make a Running video. You best bet is to keep the video relitivly short. I have discovered 8-10 minutes long is a good average time to go with when making an action style movie. ( Understandably you can make longer or shorter videos. But just remeber to not bore or compact to much into your video) If you are working at your workbench, a longer video is perfectly fine as long as you can keep you audience excited and focoused on what it is your doing.

-Music is always benificial when shooting a runing video. Try and corespond a song that gose with the type of driving you are doing or at least the scene you are trying to portrey in the video. (EX. Your truck is rock climing wile jumping as well as other epic moments.....Well.... The itsy bitsy spider song dose not work with that.... Unless, you have an RC called the "spider" and it keeps falling down the rock and going back up it again repitedly)

-Try and make friends on forums, social media sites, YouTube, Ect. Forums are always a great way to get subscribers and views.(Post a link too your YouTube channel in your signature) Each social media sites has its benifits, Google+ is great for building communities, Facebook well everyone...almost everyone has a facebook! Twitter is great for quick promotions of your videos as well as finding a lot of cool articals or other people videos. Again almost everyone has a twitter account! Instagram is awesome...Why? Because all you half to do is post pictures and Tag them and people will like them and soon they will follow you! just dont forget to tell people on thier that you have a YouTube account!

           Here are a couple of tips from some other people who had chimed in on my questions earlier, that i thought would be really helpfull to all of you!

Kaci Barns - Google + -"You can have the best graphics in the world but if the contents something that people don't find interesting there not going to watch it"

Proline Racing - Google + - "we like it short and sweet.. but if you are doing a build.. or a review it's difficult to cut it back without losing the content. Music is important too.. :) We love a good jam!

Chris Bro - Google + - "From what iv experienced. Shorter the better. YouTube now works on view time to catorigize your videos in the search list. So if it's too long and they stop watching b4 50% then YouTube looks at your video as non interesting and it gets bumped down in the result list.. Unless you have super interesting footage that keeps people watching and wanting more then I personally would stick to shorter videos. It's what iv been doing and it's paying off .but everyone has there own ideas..
There r very popular channels I watch. And I find myself getting board on 10 min videos

           So thier ya go everyone, a little tid bit of information to help you get more YouTubers to like Your videos. It dose not always half to be a perfect looking video....But if you make a fun and interesting video, them most likly others will enjoy it as well! Just rember, Its going to take TIME! REPEAT THAT EVERY DAY! No one is perfect!!!!! But if we continue to encurage each other in the RC world and the Video world, we can all accomplish ONE thing.....having fun enjoying what we do!.....Playing with RC's and Sharing the moments.

O and one last thing Dont forget to LIKE peoples videos if you really do like it!. Trust me it will help !