Thursday, June 26, 2014

Project Apex - PT 2 - Hot Racing Shock Accesories


Lets get right into doing some suspension work, shall we?!

In this video of the Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo Transformation, also known as Project APEX. I go a head and start improving on the suspension system just a little to add some much needed ground clearance using the Traxxas Summit Long Travel Rockers. With the use of these rockers, it will allow not only for the vehicle too sit higher up and get more ground clearance but, it will along for more articulation from the suspension system.

The next thing I install into the suspension system, is my old Traxxas GTR shocks, but with a little added bling from Hot Racing. With the use of Hot racings Aluminum upgrades not only do I improve the overall strength of the shock but I also add a little bit of some good looks too the chassis!
Also, I wanted to note. That the GTR shocks are all installed with 60WT oil front and rear along with Traxxas orange spring rate (1.76) springs front and rear. Too give me a good base point before needing to make any changes.

Parts List -
- Hot Racing Aluminum upgrades - #vxs15602 -;c=455
-Traxxas Rocker Arm set - #7156 - Bought at Local Hobby store
-Traxxas Orange Springs (1.76 rate) - #7145 - Bought at local hobby store