Sunday, June 29, 2014

Project APEX - PT 3 - 1/16 Revo Summit Bumpers & HR Brakes

Project APEX - PT 3 - 1/16 Traxxas Revo -  Summit Bumpers & Hot Racing Scale Disk Brakes Install  

Check out some more flashy Parts that Project Apex is taken on!

With the install of the Front summit bumpers to add an aggressive touch to the over all style of this partially transformed rig. I was hoping that everything would go smoothly.....Until the Hot Racing Disk Brakes were installed.

After loosing a screw several times....and finding out that one of the Disk Brakes were manufactured wrong. I was finally able to have everything installed correctly. So come take a look these couple of parts really makes this soon to be *BADASS* rig one of a kind!

*****NOTE - I was able to fit the last disk brake on the rig after filming.....I had to re drill a new whole!

Parts List -
- Traxxas Summit Front and Rear bumpers - 7235 - Local Hobby store
- Hot racing Scale Disk Brakes - VXS21BR02 -;c=455