Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Project APEX - PT 4 - 1/16 Revo Hot Racing Steel Trans Gears & 540 Motor Mount

 Check it out! Project Apex finally gets some powertrain upgrades!
With all new Hot Racing Steel Transmition Gear Set. This little drivetrain will be unstoppable!!!

         In this video I go a head and start to disassemble the transmition and remove all of the stock plastic gears, to make ready for a set of steel gears to be installed. Once the gears were installed I then took my upper and middle gears and swapped them around, for one main reason! To have more Low End Torque over top speed...The reason for this is because this little rig is not just gonna be a quick, but it will also have some awesome crawling abilities on demand!

     After having everything almost put back together I also put a little marine grease inside of the transmition to aid in lubrication and protection of the gears from future rust.

       After I was just about ready to put the transmition back into the chassis I also installed Hot Racing's 540-550 motor mount plate....Boy doesn't she look amazing now!

Enjoy everyone! This project is really becoming something unique for a 1/16 E-Revo!

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Hot Racing Steel Transmition Gears - SVXS1000T - Ebay
Hot Racing 540-550 Motor Mount Conversion - VXS18X01 - Ebay