Friday, July 4, 2014

Proline Racing Protoform Better Edge System - Sanding Block

Come take a look at Proline Racing's ProtoForm  - Better Edge System Sanding Block!

Whether your someone who paints body's once a year or someone who practically dose it for a living. This will be come one of your most useful tools in your arsenal!

This sanding block is not only a single purpose unit, but it can be used for multiple different applications, Like sanding other plastics parts, or even rubber tires to get any imperfections out. But its main purpose is to be used for, smoothing out the edges on your plastic RC body.

Why should you sand down the edges of your RC plastic body?  Good question....for 2 main reasons.
1- Improves the overall finish of your, So called trimming Job....  ;)
2- Helps prevent future cracking by strengthening the plastic were its most critical.

The sanding block comes with 1 block and 2 sanding pads. The sanding pads are 120 grit sand paper that is held on to the block by Velcro for easy, on -  off applications

If the time comes to needing more sanding pads. ProtoForm sells them in a package of 2.

Here is the Parts List! -
Sanding block made by ProtoForm - 6108-00 -
Replacement 120 grit sanding pads - 6108-01 -