Monday, September 8, 2014

Axial Yeti - Crazy First Run!

The Axial Yeti is AWESOME!  Watch this crazy action video of the Axial Yeti's first run!

The Yeti is crazy fun to drive! Especially if you like drifting, jumping and going over anything in your path fun! Wile I was very excited to test this machine out for the first time I was also a little nervous. Only because I have herd a lot of people saying how they were constantly breaking the bead off the tires, hubs, and other components right away... Fortunately enough for me nothing broke this time around. Thought that doesn't mean something wont break the next time. :)

I hope you all enjoy this video! I filmed and drove the vehicle all at the same time...Yes that dose mean I was steering and applying throttle / brake with one hand. something that is very difficult to do wile trying to get the best shot with my other hand.

The rig is powered by a MaxAmps 6500MAH 3s Lipo battery, and honestly this battery is awesome when combined with the Yeti. The battery barely got hot and delivered constant reliable power the entire time, I was out driving. So yes I definitely recommend getting this battery for your Yeti!

Click the link below to go to MaxAmps website for the Yeti 6500MAH battery. -

Click the link below to check out the New Axial Yeti. -

Stick around ill have a video up later on regarding my after thoughts on this new rig!

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