Sunday, September 21, 2014

RCoverload - Axial Yeti 2.2 Rock Racer - Review, Overview, My Opinions

After two good solid runs with the Axial Yeti. I figured it was time to do a Review / Overview video on my overall thoughts and opinions.
First off I want to say, that even though there are some minor flaws about this rig and MAYBE I WAS A LITTLE TOO HARD ON IT IN THE VIDEO :) I just want you to be aware of some of the problems and things you can expect when getting a yeti....

the overall experience is honestly amazing thought!!!!!.

 Considering I have only owned now 5 RC vehicles ever. I can say that this Axial Yeti is by far my favorite of them all!

With that said I encourage you too watch the video to see some of the good an bad things about this rig.

DISCLAMER - ****These thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. They were not influenced by other people nor am I looking to judge a company. You can take my opinions as you wish. I do not work, nor am I affiliated with Axial Racing.*****
Thanks For watching!

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