Saturday, October 18, 2014

Axial SCX-10 Jeep Build - Part 10 - LED Lights & Scale Accesories

Three sets of Led Light setups and a bunch of scale accessories are put on this Jeep SCX10, to finish off this build for good!

Yes you herd me right! Three separate Led set ups, all to function like a true off road 4x4 jeep! The first set up is controlled by Axial Simple LED light controller for both the front and rear LED lights on each bumper.
The second set up is controlled by a separate controller Made by MY Trick RC, that come right off of the vehicles receiver. The head lights, hood fog lights, and the rear tail lights are all functioned off of that one controller. The third set up is the vanquish 6" Led light bar that is simply hooked up to a 3s 1300MAH lipo battery. Witch allows it to not drain the vehicles battery quicker and be able to produce a brighter light output.

My Trick RC Controller has 7 different function on it and can hold up too 12 separate Led lights for any kind of set up you could ever imagine! They even have a flashing light set up! Take a look at the setups found on their website!

The tail light kit I used for the jeeps tail lights were from Dinky RC. They do require some painting and cutting but the over all look is amazing! Check out the kit below!

Along with the install of the LED lights, I also needed to add some more scale accessories to really complete this build! So I ordered up several Proline scale accessories packs, and installed them threw out the jeep. To give it more of a realistic feel.

Here are the scale accessories packs I used in this build -

Scale Accessory Assortment #10 -

Scale Accessory Assortment #9

Scale Accessory Assortment #7

Scale Accessory - Assortment #1

I hope you all enjoyed this video!

Expects a few night time crawling videos to come from this! :)