Sunday, October 26, 2014

Axial Yeti Build - PT 1 - Front Differential & Carbon Fiber Shock Tower

So here it is! The start of the Axial Yeti Build Series! In this video I go over a small problem I found in the front differential as well as install Xtreme Racings Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower!

As some of you may already know I have run into a few small problems already with the Axial Yeti. But I most certainly wasn't expecting to find a problem with the front differential when I decided to take it apart, just to inspect it.
     What I had found was, that the whole pinion gear was completely warn down. After two full runs on this truck, I was extremely surprised to find that! Either way I decided to just throw in a new stock gear set into the front differential. as well as apply some marine grease into it to help smooth out the gear operation. I also changed out the diff fluid to 100K to create more of a locking feel to the front differential wile I had it apart.

The other part I installed was, Xtreme Racing Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower. This thing is pretty looking! I cant get over how much I love the look of carbon fiber on anything! So I most certainly had to pick this up for the yeti! The best part about Carbon fiber is, how its much stronger it is then the stock plastic, but it is also much lighter as well!

Xtreme Racing Front Carbon Fiber Shock Tower -

I am also using Team KNK Hardware kit threw out this entire build! Definitely check out theirs kits, regardless if you are using just a few screws or you are rebuilding your entire truck! I guaranty you will never go wrong with team KNK Stainless Steel Hardware Kit!

Hardware Kit -

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more!