Monday, October 27, 2014

Axial Yeti Build - PT 2 - Steering & Suspention Upgrades

 It is time to add some of the most important upgrades to this truck! Steering and Suspension Upgrades!

Yes that's right! This is were some of the more weaker points of this truck are! I started off by installing a set of RPM Lower Control Arms. This will certainly improve the front end when taking hard impacts from rocks, bumps, or jumps! These control arms are also that same ones found in the Axial Exo. I also replaced the 3x61MM screws that hold the control arms to the truck and applied some blue Loctite to help keep them from coming back out again in the future!...Hopefully...

RPM Lower Control Arms -

Axial 3x61MM screws -

The next two parts I installed on this truck were, the Vanquish Steering Rack and the Vanquish Double Sheer Steering Rack Kit.
Both of these parts are probably one of the biggest improvements on your truck that you could perform. By smoothing out steering movements and strengthening those parts and not allowing unnecessary flex in the steering.

Vanquish Steering Rack-

Vanquish Double Sheer Steering Rack Kit -

I also upgrades the stock steering servo to a Savox SA-1256TG High Torque Titanium Gear Digital Servo. This servo has some extreme torque at(@6.0V oz-in): 277.7oz and also has a really quick Speed of(@6.0V sec/60): .15 .  With the combination of this being coreless and having titanium and aluminum gears internally...This should definitely be a powerful servo for this truck.
The last two parts that I installed on this truck, on camera was, Axial Machined 4 Link Mounts and Machined Shock Mount Plates. With the combination of both of those parts this should most certainly improve the way the control arms and rear shock operate. Becoming a lot smother and a lot less flexibility which will allow more control over this truck.

Machined Shock Mount Plates (Hard Anodized) (2pcs) -

 Machined 4 Link Mounts (Hard Anodized) (2pcs) -

Hope you guys found some ideas to help improve your Axial Yeti!
Stick around for more upgrades as we build one incredible Yeti!