Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Axial Yeti Upgrade - PT 5 - Blue Monkey Rear Control Arms & Overview

Check out these sleek looking rear control arms made by Blue Monkey!

One of the biggest upgrades that you can perform on your Axial Yeti is, upgrading the Front and rear control arms! Considering I have already installed RPM front control arms, It was time to put the rear control arms on and get the AR60 axle mounted to the truck!

Blue monkey upper and lower control arms are specifically designed to be light weight, strong, adjustable and are probably some of the best looking control arms you could get! The lower control arms features four mounting whole's to position the rear shocks, to best suit you desired needs wile the upper control arms, keep the stock length and feature basics tube design. All of the rod ends come with metal ball ends to help improve movement in the set up.

I also installed new sway bar links using the same set up from Proline Racing as I did in the front end with the Camber links set up! See the parts list below!

Here are the parts I used for the rear control arms. 

Blue Monkey Yeti Trailing Arms (Lower) -

Blue Monkey Titanium Rear Upper Links for Yeti -

Here are the parts for the Rear Sway Bar set up from Proline Racing!

ProTrac Suspension Kit Camber Links (50x4mm) - 6062-06 -

Pro-2 Hard Anodized Pivot Ball & Rod End Set - 6102-00  -

Interested in seeing what else I have done to this Axial Yeti? Like the STRC upgrades for the AR60 Rear Axle or the Proline Pro-Spec Shocks up front?  Watch the build series below!