Sunday, November 16, 2014

Proline Racing Pro-MT Build - Overview

Come take a look at the Proline Racing Pro-MT Truck Build series.

This video explains how I am going to perform the build series as well as the electronics that I am planning on using in this kit. The whole idea behind this build is to walk you threw step by step of the build, so you can build your truck with me.

I will say that the instructions that come with this kit, are very straight forward and should not be difficult to understand by any means. It certainly looks like Proline took the effort in making it understandable by all ages and regardless of experience level. with large and simple pictures, Its definitely going to be a breeze to build this kit!

Proline also put full size pictures for the hardware that you will use in each section making it really easy to match up each piece of hardware that you will need for each section of the build. They also provided the bag letter from the hardware to use for each section as well.

Here is a quick list of the electronics, that I am planning on installing into this truck.

-Spektrum 2 channel controller and receiver
-Savox coreless servo
-Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro SCT 2400kv brushless motor
- 4000MAH 3s Lipo Battery

Want too know more about the Proline Pro-MT Truck? Click below!

I am completely stoked to build this machine, considering this is my first RC kit ever. I honestly can say I have no idea how im going to film this correctly...Hahaha. So I hope you all enjoy this build series and hopefully will learn something along the way!