Monday, November 17, 2014

Proline Racing Pro-MT Kit Build - PT 2 - Front Control Arms

Come take a look at how too install the front control arms and the front aluminum hinge pin brace on the Proline Racing Pro-MT truck! Its very easy to do, just make sure they are facing the correct direction by having the flat side facing upwards.

Its also nice too see that Proline has taken the time to notice some of the biggest problems with bashing trucks.....Thin & weak control arms. But with these control arms I truly don't believe you will half to worry about that being a problem for the most part. As these lower control arms are certainly beefy and have plenty of reinforcement to them!

As you can tell, just from the second video their is already some huge improvements in this truck. Not only are the control arms stronger, but Proline has already supplied some aluminum parts with this kit. Just like this Hinge Pin Brace for the added support on the control arms and the hinge pins themselves.

Hope you found this video informational !
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