Friday, November 21, 2014

Proline Racing Pro-MT Kit Build - PT 6 - Control Arms, Shocks & Trencher Tires

Here it is in all its glory! The Proline Racing Pro-MT truck fully built! Well....besides all of the electronics that is! :)

Come take a look and see the last few things get put on this truck. Like the lower rear control arms, the powerstroke shocks, and the 2.8 Trencher tires on F-11 wheels!

This truck is incredible! I am so looking forward to bashing this truck and jumping it as far I possibly can into the air! Its going to be EPIC!!!!  Haha...

Considering this was my very first "KIT" build. I really do appreciate everyone watching this build series unfold...I tried my best to cover all of the different areas of the truck as well as provide some helpful information.  I can certainly tell you though. I now know how to make my next kit video better! ;)

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for when I cover the electronics portion of this build!!!

If you want to know more about the Proline racing Monster truck. Click the Link below!