Friday, December 5, 2014

Axial Yeti Upgrade - PT 6 - Carter Fab Machine Body Panels & Sway Bar Disconects

A very cool and unique unboxing for this Axial Yeti!  Come take a look!

These body panels from Carter Fab Machine are absolutely perfect for this Axial Yeti! The best part is, I had a little custom powder coating done to these panels from a good buddy over at Warrior Armor!

Besides getting the body panels for the Axial Yeti, I also ordered up a set of Carter Fab Machine Sway Bar Disconnects. Which will allow me to be able to disconnect the rear sway bar to get more flexibility out of the rear axle when going over larger objects.

*Here are all of the links to the body panels and Sway Bar disconnects from Carter Fab Machine!

Aluminum Hood Panel -

Aluminum Standard Roof -

 Aluminum Inner Side Panels (pair) -

Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Kit (black) -

If you are interested in contacting Jay from Warrior Armor to either have some parts powder coated or to have some killer rock rails made up! Click any of the links below!!!

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