Sunday, December 14, 2014

Axial Yeti Upgrade - PT 7 - HR Knuckles, Painting, Update

Here is a little bit of an update video for everyone. I recently purchased a set of Hot racing knuckles and Aluminum Carriers to finish off upgrading the front end suspension and steering.

Hot racing has released two versions of its Aluminum knuckles. The first version came with a carbon fiber arm, but also requires the use of a (5x10 ) bearing and the use of Hot racings Driveshafts. You can take a look here -;browser=kS1h5pYcWjTyMG4svtBofg

The other set of Hot Racing Knuckles are a replica of the factory knuckles...Just in aluminum. These knuckles will use the stock (5x10 ) bearing and the stock driveshaft's. At this time im not looking to upgrade the driveshaft just yet...So this complete aluminum knuckle will work perfectly for me. You can take a look at it here -;browser=kS1h5pYcWjTyMG4svtBofg

I also installed a set of Hot Racing Aluminum Carriers. Click here to learn more -;browser=kS1h5pYcWjTyMG4svtBofg

The last couple of things I go over in this video are regarding the Carter Fab Sway bar disconnects and finishing up painting the cage for the body on this axial yeti. The Disconnects I am not to sure as to how I will mount them in place when I do have them disconnected. But ill figure it out hopefully by the next video... ;)

The very last part of this update video was me showing how the plastic body cage was looking after I had painted them up with some Krylone Fusion spray paint using satin black paint. This will most certainly allow for some better depth and contrast to the body with the gun metal grey aluminum body panels from Carter Fab Machine