Sunday, December 21, 2014

Axial Yeti Upgrade - PT 9 - One Badass Looking Machine - Body Installed

Come check out this fully customized Axial Yeti Rock Racer!

This video is more of an update video to show you all were I am at with this Axial Yeti Upgrade Series!. I just finished installed the Carter Fab Body panels on top the newly painted plastic roll cage, and WOW this rig looks INSANE!

 With the Gear head slim line roof rack and the RC4WD LED light bar, What more could you ask for?....O wait I know, more scale parts!!! Haha... So I went a head and ordered up a Proline scale accessory kit and so far I have used only the fire extinguisher out of the kit, to replace the molded one that was attached on the roll cage of the yeti before. Now I am also looking to be painting up the gas tank on this rig to also give it more of a scale look as well!

Gear Head RC 1/10 Scale Yeti Slim Line Roof Rack - Simple Pattern -

RC4WD KC HiLiTES 1/10 C Series High Performance LED Light Bar -

Proline Racing Scale Accessory Assortment #7 -

Stick around you guys, Thiers a lot more to do to this before we finish! Hope you all like it, don't forget to comment, Like, & subscribe for more RCoverload!