Sunday, January 4, 2015

Axials Yeti Upgrade - PT 10 - Werty Made Bumper, Update & Questions

So I have done a few minor modification the this Axial yeti. witch include a new Werty Made front bumper! come check this out!

This bumper is made from steel construction and was powder coated black. It takes on the same shape and concept as the factory bumper witch already looks good too begin with. But at least this one wont snap when it hits a rock....Haha.

The other two minor additions that I had performed on this truck are as follows. Taking a small piece of fuel line and attaching it from the scale fuel tank and attaching it to the side of the truck. To make it look more like a fuel filler neck. I also installed the stock exhaust tips, but with a little modification to make it sit better against the body of the truck.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video today! Stick around for more, as we get closer to this truck being ready to bash!!!

WeryMade Axial Yeti Front Bumper -

Carter Fab Machine Sway bar quick disconnects -

Carter Fab Machine Yeti Upgrades -

MIP Rear Drive Shaft -