Sunday, January 11, 2015

Horizon Hobby ECX Torment 2WD First Run - 1800 Ni-HM Battery

Here is the first run with the Horizon Hobby ECX Torment 2WD Stadium Truck.

Im using the stock battery in this video just to show all of you what its like right out of the box. I have not performed any upgrades or performed any modification to this truck.

The first two minutes that I had run this truck, it did have a lot of power but unfortunately after that....I only had half power.... But that's only because of the type of battery that was used in this.
I figured the average run time with this battery pack is about 10-15 minutes before it dies out.

Overall this truck was definitely a lot of fun regardless of its run time and power output...At least next time ill be throwing in a 2s lipo battery! ;)

Thanks for watching!

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