Sunday, January 25, 2015

Operating Two RC Trucks By Myself At The Same Time ! - Axial SCX10 Jeep & Traxxas 1/16 Custom Summit

So I came up with a CRAZY idea today...I wanted to  try too operate two RC trucks at the same time ! One controller in each hand!  Let's just say, I am very surprised at how well it worked!

With the Axial SCX10 controller in one hand, and Project Apex the 1/16 custom Revo / Summit controller in my other hand. It was time to go create a scale trail run video! It started off a little rough wile I tried to get 2 hands to operate at the same time controlling throttle and steering at the same time..... However after a few minutes, I got a decent understanding of what I had to do to make it work...Wile also trying to film the whole thing in action!

After a little ways threw the trail I noticed the Axial SCX10 got stuck wile it was climbing over a root....That's when I discovered I had blown the rear driveshaft. Basically the drive screw came loose and fell out causing the shaft to fall out of the truck. So after pulling off the rest of the drive shaft from the truck. I figured it was time to head back with a front wheel drive jeep...Hahaha.  With some help from Project Apex as the jeep struggled to clime a slippery hill. Both the Jeep and Apex were able to make it back to the truck without anything else breaking!

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure and getting a kick out of me trying to operate two truck at the same time. If you want to see more of my upcoming videos feel free to subscribe! Also don't forget to like and share this video, as well as all of my other videos that you find fun and interesting!

Thanks again guys! See you all very soon on the next RCoverload!