Sunday, January 11, 2015

Proline Racing Pro-MT - Carbon Fiber Upgrades

Here is the first of a few upgrades that you can perform on your Pro-MT Monster Truck!

Now everyone knows that I love carbon fiber anything! So of course if their is a carbon fiber upgrade im going to install it!  Haha

What I have here is a set of Carbon Fiber "Braces" for both front and rear shock towers on the Pro-MT. As well as a Transponder mount that goes above the steering servo.

Now these are not to replace the shock towers on the truck, but to help stiffen them up a bit more. To aid in preventing flex in the plastic. Which in theory should give you more handling control over the truck.

So come take a look at how these upgrades help improve the look and function of this already amazing truck!

Front Shock Tower Brace - Product ID : 6109-00 -

Rear Shock Tower Brace - Product ID : 6109-01 -

Transponder mount - Product ID : 6109-02 -

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****These upgrades are not just for the Pro-MT....But they are also designed to work with the "Pro-Line PRO-2 Short Course Truck &
Slash 2WD with ProTrac Suspension kit [F/R shock towers]"