Saturday, February 21, 2015

RCoverload - Proline Racing 2WD Monster Truck - Snow Bashing With Sand Paw Tires

Just got my hands on a set of Proline Racing  2.8 Sand Paw Tires, and got them mounted to the PRO-MT Monster Truck! Lets go take them for a Spin!!!!

Whats up everyone! its been a little bit since I last uploaded any RC Entertainment for all of you. But now that I have a Brand new Camera, and I just got in a new set of 2.8 Proline Racing Sand Paw Tires. Their was only one thing left to do....  Film an Epic Afternoon out with one badass 2WD Monster Truck! :)

Want to know more about the tires and the truck used in this video?  Click the links below!

2.8 Proline Sand Paw Tires -

Proline Racing PRO-MT -

 Hope You all enjoy!

Music within the video -
 Waypoint C 
 by TeknoAXE
- is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0    International License