Sunday, March 15, 2015

Proline Racing 1.9 Flat Iron XL Testing With My Son Carter


  Check out the new Proline Racing 1.9 Flat Iron XL Tires! With my son carter in control of the jeep, he was the one who got to test drive these brand new tires!....Lucky...Haha.

  These tires are definitely much wider and slightly taller then the Irok tires I had on their before. With these tires measuring, Height 4.76" & Width 1.83". The tires come with Proline's memory foam witch certainly makes these tire a very soft and pliable tire. Good for most off roading obstacles. 

  Also these tires definitely have a lot of bite to them and seem too grip very well in almost any situation.

  Hope you enjoyed watching, as my son tested these tires out today. If you have any questions regarding these tires feel free to leave me a comment or visit the link below!

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