Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Axial Yeti Upgrade - PT 12 - The Final Upgrades!

Take a look at the last and final few upgrades that I have done to this Axial Yeti!. Some of my previous upgrades or enhancements to this truck, had to be changed. In the video I will explain why that was.

 But the first thing I had to change was the steering servo. Unfortunately the Savox coreless servo that I originally had installed in the truck was drawing to much power. Also I discovered a leak in one of the rear stock shocks, so I decided to just go a head and upgrade them to the Axial Icon Shock. The last thing I had to change on this truck was removing the scale fuel tubing to be able to get better access to the inside of the truck to work on it. Again I explain everything in a little more detail in the video.

I also show all of you the Led lights all working with out any problems. I honestly don't think im going to have any problem seeing at night with those RC4WD LED light bars! :)
Want to know were I got my parts from? Check out the build series. Each video has a direct link to the part(s) that I discuses in each video.

Axial Racing Icon Rear Shock Set -

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