Saturday, April 18, 2015

ECX Torment Upgrade Serries - PT 2 - Brushless Motor & Roof Lights

Check it out! The ECX Torments got another upgrades including some new roof lights!

The latest couple of upgrades / mods that I performed on this stadium truck were the, Castle Creations 3800kv brushless motor and SCT edition ESC. That I got from doing a trade in with the new power up program the Castle Creation Offers on certain models. So say good buy to the slow Dynamite 20T motor and say hello to the new ground ripping 3800kv brushless motor!

The other modification I did to this truck so far was install Proline Racing Roof light bar set. This was more of a cosmetic look to make the truck look more real when its out racing or bashing around!

Proline Racing Roof Light Set -

Castle Creation SCT 3800kv Brushless Motor Combo Set -

Castle Creation Power up Program -

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