Saturday, April 11, 2015

How To Easily Remove LockTite From RC Cars & Trucks

I wanted to share with all of you a little trick that I have used for a wile now to help with removing stuck screws that are being held on with lock tite.

Now we all know that locktite is excellent for holding screws in place. whether its your driveshaft drive pin screws, motor mount screws, or even pinion gear set screws. However sometimes the Locktite bonds to the screw so well its almost impossible to remove the screw with out stripping out the head.

Well I learned that if you apply heat to the surrounding area for instance, with the lighter that you see in this video. It will allow the lock tite to become soft and make for removing the screw a lot easier.

Please note! With this procedure you are dealing with fire and hot objects! Please use common sense when doing this yourself!. Always watch were you are applying the flame, as you don't want to melt any plastic parts or worse catch something on fire! Also wait until the area has cooled down before performing anymore work to the truck to prevent you from burning yourself. Always use safe practices with working with lighters. If you are not old enough to be handling a lighter then ask your parents or guardians for help.

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