Sunday, April 26, 2015

RCoverload - C.B.E RC Fab - Axial Yeti Rear Shock Tabs

Check out this one of a kind shock tab for the Axial Yeti made by C.B.E RC Fab! These little tabs are probably one of the coolest and most useful add on's for the Axial Yeti's rear shock set up!

C.B.E RC Fab produces some of the most useful shock tabs, as well as other metal upgrades for your scale truck or Yeti! So its no surprise that these guys would find a better way to help improve the overall tuning of your rear shock set up, on the Axial Yeti.  With this shock tab it has over 10 different mounting wholes, and combine that with the 4 holes on the lower control arm. You could have an endless amount of different tuning position to fit your track needs and driving style!

Not only are they just an adjustable shock tab but the best part is you can also fit other sized shock on to this tab as well. Giving you unlimited shock options depending again, on how you would want to set your truck up.

Feel free to check these guys out and all of the products they carry!

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