Sunday, May 24, 2015

RC Overload - RC Track Crashes, Bashing, And Funny Fails

As you all know I have been having way to much fun down at my local RC Track the Drop Zone! I have produced several awesome videos for all of you over the course of several weeks. However some time theirs footage that I have filmed wile being at the track that just doesn't make it to the video. So I have compiled several videos of different crashes, Bashes, and some funny moments that you may have or may have not seen in the other videos!

My favorite part is the small clip of all the camera men including myself getting a little to close to the trucks causing for some funny incidents! :)  Feel free to watch to the end as theirs also a small portion of different clips were RC just want to show some love....   ;)

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed!

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