Sunday, June 28, 2015

RC Overload - Axial Yeti C.B.E. RC Fab Yeti-X Kit - Overview & Install

C.B.E RC Fab's Axial Yeti-X conversion is one of the best upgrades you could perform to your bashing Yeti truck! Let me show you what this conversion kit is all about, as well as how to install it into your own truck!

(I apologize for such a long video...However their is a ton of information I wanted to cover on this product. Feel free to skip a head to  9:30   too see how to install this kit in your own truck!)

The Axial Yeti-X kit is designed to replace your existing stock Yeti front end with that of a Traxxas Slash 4x4 front end for many reasons. Some of these reasons include...
-More accessible parts. Factory and aftermarket options, either online or at your local hobby store.
-Stronger plastics in the slash set up
-Beefier Front differential with a 6MM input pinion shaft.
-More solid connection between the lower control arm and the front differential plate. ( No more loose lower control arm screws that bend and break on the Yeti)

C.B.E RC Fab's Axial Yeti-X Kit simply allows the Traxxas Slash conversion to be done on your Yeti by simply installing some hardware and two 14 gauge steel plates. The first plate being installed on the top half to the Yeti's bat wing to the slash's front differential housing. the second plate being installed on the bottom of the yeti, to securely hold the slashes front end to the Yeti chassis wile strengthening the yeti's whole chassis to endure any kind of punishment you could possibly throw at it!

This Kit is also U4 Racing approved!  Just remember to keep the tires within 13" and you must run 2.2 sized wheels...Just add some 6 lug hub adapter on your front wheels to get the proper clearance you need to clear the hub from touching the rim.

These are the required parts you will need to pick up yourself to perform this kit.
 (With Traxxas stock part #'s) - ( This is mainly for Stages 1-2.... Stages 3 and 4 come with everything required)
-Front diff lower plate - 6830
-lower plate to diff screws - 2542
-Diff Housing - 6811
-Complete Diff gear set - (Best to find on ebay)
-Lower control arms - 3655
-Front shock tower - 6839
-Front hubs - 6832
-Front Knuckles - 6837
-Driveshaft's - (Recommend MIP front shafts)
-Bearings, If parts don't come with them

Here are some Tech notes taken right from C.B.E RC Fab about this conversion!
 -Traxxas slash 4x4 front end swap.
 -Yeti steering stays in place.
 -Yeti chassis and traxxas bulkhead altered.
 -New chromoly extended output shaft installed.
 -Batwing on yeti altered and 14Ga plate installed.
 -Transmission spacers added for clearance.
 -14Ga steel skid plate added to underside of chassis.
 -Add your own Slash 4x4 front end with the provided hardware (stage 3 will include this).
 -Keep in mind the slash requires a larger wheel, we recommend some custom 2.5 wheels from DCW.
 -Tires the voodoo U4 from ottsix racing stretches over the 2.5 nice and has tons of grip.
 -Bash on your yeti for hours!

Their is some cutting that will need to be performed on your Axial Yeti to make this conversion work. But not to worry... In this video, I have explained exactly were you will need to cut on the Yeti to make all of this happen. If you don't feel comfortable making these cuts on the yeti yourself...C.B.E RC Fab has come up with three other available option to make installing this kit a breeze! Take a look below to find out witch stage will work best for you!

-CBE custom YETI-X skid plate
-CBE YETI-X batwing plate
-CBE chromoly output shaft
-Team KNK hardware
-Traxxas ball cup

-Axial Yeti parts pre modified (chassis, battery tray, bat wing)
-Traxxas parts pre modifies (bulkhead)

-Traxxas slash 4x4 front end Complete

-Complete minus batteries
-Includes custom 2.5 wheels

Looking for even more information on this kit?  Check out C.B.E RC Fabs own promotional video and install video!
-Promo Video ----

-Install Video ----

So are you ready to get your Yeti-X Conversion on!? You can send C.B.E RC Fab a message right on the Facebook page! They will even answer any question that you may have about the Kit!

Click here to check out their YouTube Channel and see the Axial Yeti-X Taking one heck of a beating! -