Saturday, June 13, 2015

RC Overload - Axial Yeti Kit Overview - The Bashing Truck Project!

The Axial Yeti Kit Is a perfect candidate for making the ultimate bashing truck!

Come take a look at the Axial Yeti kit as I do a little overview of what the kit has involved, verses the RTR version. Their are several different Upgrade enhancements that axial has provided with this kit. Some of these upgrades are HD Differential gears, Aluminum Turnbuckles for the steering links, Aluminum Icon Shock for the front and rear, as well as Aluminum braces for the rear lower control arms.

Now because this is a kit version, it dose require that you add your own electronics in this truck. So I have gone a head and taken the 2400kv brushless castle creations motor out of my Pro-MT and installed into the Axial Yeti! Lets just say.....This is going to be one insane Yeti when were done building this.

As some of you have also noticed right off the bat. I went ahead and installed Freqeskinz Outer yeti body wrap called the Urban Yeti Skin. This is an extremely easy application. Just follow the directions and your good to go! Also make sure you take your time when applying the stickers. to make sure they go on just the way you like them!

Axial Yeti body Wrap -
Axial Yeti interior wrap -

Thanks for watching and I hope you will all stick around to see what other amazing things we do to this build!

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