Wednesday, July 29, 2015

RC Overload - 1:10 Axial Yeti 4x4 Huge Rocky Hill Conquering!

This Axial Yeti Conquers without even the slightest hesitation on one of the most rock filled hill climbs and descents ever!

Come take a look at how well this rock racer performs, as rocks are being thrown several feet in the air from the sheer force of this badass monster of a rock racer! This truck also has some intense suspension articulation when traveling over this rock covered hill! Its definitely a sight to see!
I decided to run the 1:10 Axial Yeti on a 2s 5000MAH Lipo battery in this video! It really is surprising how much smoother the operation of this truck really is, compared to running a 3s Lipo battery like I normally do!

This truck is also running the stock Axial Racing Stock electronics. Including the 3150kv brushless motor. The tires and wheels that are installed on this truck are the Proline Racing Super Swamper sx xl 2.2 tires and Proline 6 Lug bead lock wheels. These bead lock rims certainly hold the super Swamper tires much better then I could have ever imagine. Even after a hard run like this. The bead of the tires never came loose!!!

Proline Racing Rims - ( FaultLine 2.2" Bead Loc 6 Lug Wheels )-

Proline Racing Tires - ( Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 2.2" Tires )

 Want to see what else is going on within this truck?! Feel free to click the link below and watch the build series!

Axial Yeti Build Series -