Saturday, July 11, 2015

RC Overload - Axial Yeti Kit - Yeti X Build - How to Install the body and What Wheels To Use!

We are now just about finished with the Yeti-X Build! This video I go over how to mount up the body to the truck securely and what wheels will work on this new set up.

To start off first with this video. C.B.E RC Fab has come up with a simple but effective way to mount the front of the Axial Yeti body to the Traxxas Slash front shock tower With wire ties! These get mounted up to the exo cage of the yeti and get screwed on in place of were the shock get mounted to. This will also allow you to have a full swing forward of the body to open it up, instead of having the rear swing up and be limited with movement.

Lastly I talk about what wheels you will need in order to make this work. Unfortunately because of the Traxxas Slash knuckles and hubs. You can no longer use 2.2 sized rims unless you are using a SLW hub of about 500-600 depending on the backspacing of the wheel.

At the end of the video I also discuses that you can install a Traxxas Stampede Front bumper on to this set up as well as I show you guys C.B.E RC Fabs newest Yeti Tab Kit version 2 that I will be installing soon!

For more information on the Yeti - X conversion kit. Click the link below!

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