Thursday, July 23, 2015

RC Overload - Axial Yeti-X Very First Bashing Session!

Check it out! I Finally got a chance to take the Yeti-x out for its first initial test run! This was to figure out what needed more adjustments on the truck as well as finding out how well the Traxxas slash conversion (AKA- Yeti-X) was going to perform!

This is a normal Axial Yeti (Kit version) that was converted over to the Yeti-X Platform. For those of you that have not herd of the Yeti-X conversion... Its a Convertion kit made by C.B.E RC Fab that basically takes the entire front end of the Traxxas Slash 4x4 and mounts it up to the rest of the Axial Yeti. By eliminating the entire stock yeti's front end, you will get a much stronger and beefier front end to bash with on your Yeti!

I hope you guys do enjoy the video. As this was strictly a test run for the Yeti-X. Thiers going to be a lot more footage of this thing still yet too come. Also during the video I had discovered that I had my slipper clutch set to loose and unfortunately I pulled a noob move by not bringing the proper tools with me to fix that issue. However the yeti is a little slower then what was expected and again that had to do with the slipper clutch not allowing all of the power to be sent to the wheels.

Thanks for watching you guys and if you have any more question or want to know more about the Yeti-X set up, feel free to let me know or click the link below !