Sunday, July 5, 2015

RC Overload - Brutal Jumping Action With ECX Torment 2WD Short Course Truck

Took the EXC Torment 2wd Short Course Truck out today, just to launch it as far as I can in the air!

I built a my own dirt ramp for this sole purpose of just purely bashing on the ECX Torment. Jumping it as far I possibly can! Only because I know it can take the punishment!

Overall I am very excited about this truck. Just because I have absolutely beaten the heck out of it and nothing has broken yet! This is definitely one tough Short Coarse Truck!

The ECX Torment Specs are as follows
-Castle Creation SCT 3800Kv Brushless motor and ECS Combo. (19 tooth pinion gear/ stock spur gear)
-2s 5000MAH Traxxas Lipo battery
-Stock Steering servo
-Proline Racing Badlands tires
-Proline Racing Power Stroke Shocks with Pro-Spec Springs rated Yellow (25wtRear Shock Oil / 30wt Front Shock Oil)
-The rest of this truck is completely stock!