Saturday, July 11, 2015

RCoverload - ECX Torment 2WD SCT - Body Venting Modification & Suspention Upgrades

I recently have performed a few minor modifications to this truck to help improve this almost impossible... indestructible truck become something even better.

To start off I was constantly running into issues with this trucks body and having to try and deal with the parachuting effect. so after doing a little bit of research and trying out a fee different areas to cut some wholes. I think I may have solved the problem. I went a head and cut some vent wholes up front over the tires, since I discovered that's were most of the air seems to grab the body underneath.

After that I also cut out a few wholes in the back to help with better air flow threw out the truck.
Next I went a head and installed some of Pro-Line Racings Pro-Spec springs (Yellow) into all of my shocks to help improve the smoothness of the overall suspensions. considering the dual rate spring that were on the power stroke shocks were a bit too stiff for the lightweight truck.

Power stroke shocks -
Front shocks -
Rear shocks -

Pro Spec Spring -
Front springs -
Rear springs -

The last thing I did to this truck was install some new ECX Hex nuts for the wheels. Those seemed to be the only things to actually wear out on this truck so far!

ECX Hex nuts -
ECX Torment 2wd SCT -