Tuesday, August 18, 2015

RC Overload - Axial Yeti - Strong Arm Sleeve - Steering Upgrade!

Tired of those front control arm screws bending all the time on your Axial Yeti? Check this out!

These little tubes are called the Strong Arm Sleeves designed for the Axial Yeti's front control arm. Its designed to strengthen the surrounding area around the hinge Screw/ pin to help prevent the screw from binding when the truck is being bashed around and taking a lot of abuse in the front end!

All you need to do to install these pins is drill the Control arm wholes out using a 3/16th size drill bit. then tap the screw in place. Use the supplied new screw and nuts and your all done! One of the most simplest and yet most improved upgrades you could perform on your Axial Yeti!

Here is some more information on this kit!

-Strong Arm Sleeves

Stage 1 - Comes with (2) sleeves, (2) 12.9 hinge pins and (2) stainless steel nyloc nuts, to replace the plastic nuts.
Stage 2 - Comes with (2) RPM A-arms with (2) Strong Arm Sleeves installed, (2) 12.9 hinge pins and (2) stainless steel nyloc nuts.

Here's a little info on the material used:

316 Stainless Steel smooth bore pressure rated tubing designed for 6,000psi of internal pressure. The tubing diameter is 3/16" with a wall thickness of 0.035" and an internal diameter of .118", same diameter as the M3 hinge pins for a perfectly snug fit. The tubing has a Rockwell hardness of B90 which is equivalent of 89,000psi. These sleeves combined with the STRC hinge pin mount, RPM a arms and nyloc nuts should definitely help with strengthening the common hinge pin issue.

If you would like to order these tubes up for your own Yeti. Head over to Strong Arm Sleeves Facebook Page!

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