Wednesday, August 19, 2015

RC Overload - HPI Savage SS 4.1cc Discontinued Kit Truck

Check out this old time beauty! This Hpi Savage SS Is certainly gonna be an awesome addition to my collection of RC Trucks!

This HPI Savage was offered to me from a local guy who had no use for it. It had been sitting for many years. So when I was given the opportunity to take it and add it to my collection of truck I couldn't pass it up!

I do plan on taking it out a few time to have some good old fun with it. However im not going to absolutely abuse the heck out of it. Later on I may also do some upgrades to the electronics and possibly a few other parts on the truck.

Here are some specs taken right from HPI's Website on this truck!

-Nitro Star S-25 engine (ABC) with slide carburetor
-Purple anodized, billet aluminum heat sink engine head
-Adjustable upper arms with thick steel turnbuckles
-Stiff purple shock springs
-Pre-trimmed unpainted Nitro GT-1 truck body with pre-cut decals
-Giant 1/8th scale (16.8" x 21")
-40+ miles an hour!
-Full-time shaft driven four wheel drive
-Complete set of rubber sealed ball bearings
-High performance aluminum ribbed tuned pipe
-Aluminum high flow tube rear exhaust header
Cast aluminum heavy-duty engine mount
-Heavy-duty drivetrain and suspension optimized for big-block engines
-Hardened metal differential gears
-Extra tuning gears for off-road and on-road performance
-Heavy-duty chromed steel dog bones
-Adjustable 2 speed transmission with heavy-duty metal internal gears
-Adjustable slipper clutch
-Adjustable disc brake
-Wide-track suspension (nearly 17 inches wide!)
-Stainless steel inboard hinge pins with anodized aluminum braces
-8 long stroke oil-filled coil over shock absorbers
-Rigid aluminum TVP chassis (Twin Vertical Plates)
-Large 160cc fuel tank with primer
-Enclosed radio box for protection of electronics
-Front and rear skid plate bumpers
-Adjustable body posts (with an extra mount for SUV bodies)
-Chrome 5 spoke wheels and all-terrain tires with inner foam

For more information on this truck head over to HPI Racing's website -