Friday, September 25, 2015

RC Overload - 1/10 Axial Yeti - SSD 2 Speed transmission Operation

I finally got to experience a two speed set up on an Axial Yeti! This one specifically is made by SSD.

This is not one of my own trucks as this is Billy's truck who decided to come out today to test the new set up. You may hear occasionally some grinding noise coming from the truck. That's the two speed set up that needs to be adjusted a bit more. we were having some difficulty's getting it to stay in gear and switch from forward and reverse at times. But not to worry Billy will have it straightened out and next time we can show you some crawling adventures with it!

Hope you guys enjoy this little look at the 2 speed transmission set up for the Axial Yeti!

Music used in this video -
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