Friday, September 18, 2015

RC Overload - 1/8 Ofna Nitro Monster Truck! Fun Bashing & First Start Up!

A lot of you have been wanting to see this Monster 1/8th Ofna Nitro Truck in action! Well today is that day!

The first half of the video is showing you the very first start up and dealing with a small issue. The other half has some awesome bashing clips! So be sure to watch!
Considering this truck is about 8 years old (According to the original owner) I was actually highly doubtful that this would start up easy if at all.... Well after a few pulls and a little extra umph, That .26 Nitro motor came too life! And boy did she purr! I was honestly surprised at how well that motor ran considering its been sitting for a wile!

Overall after some jumping, high speed passes, and a few donuts. This truck was probably one of my favorite nitro trucks ever to drive! Its handling in the air even impressed me! Its a very well balanced truck for sure! Unfortunately one of the rear shocks blew out on me, so I couldn't film it in action for too long! Hey what do you expect for something that old! Haha. Anyways this only means one thing for all of you! Another upgrade video series! Haha! YES!

Anyways, thanks for watching the show, I really appreciate It! Feel free to subscribe for more videos as we upload several new videos a week! IF you enjoyed this video very much I encourage you to Like the video and share it with your buddy's!

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