Friday, October 30, 2015

RC Overload - Axial Yeti Bodies From Proline Racing - Ford Raptor & Jeep Wrangler

Check out two relatively new Pro-Line Racing Bodies made exclusively for the 1/10 Axial Yeti Rock Racing Truck!

I picked up both these bodies, the Ford Raptor and the Jeep Wrangler for both my Axial Yeti rock crawler and My Yeti-X Basher! These two bodies certainly give you two completely different looks for the Yeti. The ford Raptor gives you more of a Racing Style look to your truck. Wile the Jeep Wrangler appears more as a rock Crawler style look. Wile both can be used either witch way, these new bodies definitely look aggressive on your truck!

Both bodies come un painted and un trimmed like most RC truck bodies. However both clear bodies come with additional hardware for mounting purposes as well as some very cool looking sticker sets and each set has its own window masks to put on before painting. The stock Frame used on the original Yeti body dose fit perfectly with the Raptor and Wrangler bodies.

 I hope you enjoyed the video and hopefully these two new bodies will give you some creative ideas for your Axial Yeti's, and will help make your truck stand out from the rest!

For more information about these bodies feel free to head over to Pro-Line in the links below!
Pro-Line Racing Website -

Ford Raptor Axial Yeti Body -

Jeep Wrangler Axial Yeti Body -

If you have any questions about these two bodies feel free to let me know in the comments below! And wile your at it don't forget to subscribe for more cool products from RC Overload!

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