Tuesday, October 27, 2015

RC Overload - New Studio Update - My RC Collection & Shop Tour - 2015

The Studio has been moved to a new location!!!!

Since the start on RC Overload I have had to make due with using my bedroom as a partial studio and workshop. Ill be the first one to tell you, its certainly not an easy task! However I was able to make it almost two years with the help of my girlfriend, with being so patent and allowing me the use of are bedroom to do something I enjoy doing.

However recently I was able to move the whole RC Overload operation down into the basement of our house. Thanks to my girlfriends father for allowing me to take over half to basement! :)

Now this set up is just the beginning and will certainly evolve and change with the years to come. However today I wanted to show all of you the new set up at well as my RC collection and the RC Overload operation as a whole! A lot of you have asked to see how I make my videos....Well now is your opportunity too see just that!

If any of you have any questions regarding anything in the video. Please feel free to let me know!

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