Thursday, October 8, 2015

RC Overload - ProLine Racing Pro-MT Action Movie

ProLine Racing's Pro-MT Has certainly declared itself as a top player in the Bashing scene of radio controlled cars and trucks!

This 2WD Monster truck isn't just fun to mess around with, but its also extremely durable in ever aspect of the way the truck is built, handles, and performs! ProLine Racing took everything they new about Racing and what it takes to create a great truck and combined everything into a monster truck, that an everyday RC enthusiast could enjoy anywhere he or she goes.

I encourage you all to watch this video, as i show you all some of the great things this truck can do. From launching it several feet in the air without  breaking a single part. To its overall handling of any obstical and terrain it encounters.

Their have been a few changes made to this truck since the last time i took it out for all of you to enjoy. Sence that time i have installed a Ford Raptor body, A set of 2.8 Masher tires, as well as, i have swaped out the 2200kv Castle Creations brushless motor for a 3800kv Castle Creation brushless motor. As i was running into a problem with stripping spur gears with such a high powered motor in it before.

If you have any questions or comments about this truck feel free to leave them below! I will also put some product links down below as well as some refrance link to other videos regarding this truck and its build serries!

Thanks you all so much for watching! I really hope you enjoyed and please share this video with you friends and don't forget to subscribe to RC Overload for more Radio Controlled entertainment!

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