Saturday, October 31, 2015

RC Overload - Yeti-X Crazy Front Suspention Setup With CBE RC Fab Shock Keys

Sometimes you come up with an idea to make something work but run into fitment issues. However with a can do attitude you can make anything work!

Recently I was looking for a way to improve the shocks on my Axial Yeti-X conversion from CBE RC Fab. However the only shock that I had laying around were a set of Proline Racing Power Stroke short course truck shocks off my ECX Torment. So after trying to mount them up on the truck, I quickly realized they were a hair too short! NOW WHAT!

So I came up with a way to mount them using CBE RC Fab's Shock Keys. These keys are not designed for the Axial Yeti as their mainly used on Scale trucks like the Axial SCX10.
I don't expect anyone else to try this setup right away as I still need to test these out. but by the looks of the set up I think it may just work perfectly!

If you have any question related to what you saw in the video, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below!

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