Friday, November 13, 2015

Proline Racing Pro-MT Monster Truck Gets A New On Road Look! - RC Overload

The Pro-Line Pro-MT Monster Truck isn't just for off road use! By altering the suspension set up a little and adding some sick Pro-Line Prime Street Tires. You can have one badass on road truck!

I decided to change things up a little with this 2wd truck. Considering i am venturing into the "On Road / Drift" Scene soon, to get a feel for some on road RC driving. ProLine Recently came out with some 2.8 street tires call the Prime Tire. These tires are almost like slicks with very very slight groove marks in the tire. The tires feel extremely gripy, wile at the same time they are soft and pliable witch should allow the truck to handle better over small rocks and pebbles in the gravel without loosing control.

Now i also painted up a new body for this street truck using Pro-Line's Chevy Silverado body for the Pro-MT. My paint scheme went off of the idea of the tires i was using. In hopes of making a sleek, mean and fast "Looking" truck! I even hand cut the lettering on the side of the body as well as I used one of ProLine's racing pit mats designs as a template for my own design on the body.

The last alteration i did to make this a street worthy truck was alter the suspension geometry a little to have better street handling characteristics. I changed the position of the shocks to lower the ride height and have a better center of gravity. I also changed out the medium grade springs for some of Pro-Line Hard rate springs (RED). To give it a stiffer suspension and have a better steering response. The last thing i did was add in nitro fuel tubing on the shafts of the shocks to prevent the truck from bottoming out over bumps or jumps.

If you want to learn more on how to make your own custom bump stops. Click this link -

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. The next time you see it were taking this to my local Collage and gonna go have some fun! :)

Pro-MT -

2.8 Prime Street Tires -

ProSpec Shocks Front -

ProSpec Shocks Rear -

Spring Kit Rear -

Spring Kit Front -

Chevy Silverado Pro-MT Body -

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