Thursday, November 5, 2015

RC Overload - HPI Baja 5B Rebuild Serries PT1 - Intro

Welcome to a brand new build series! This time its featuring my buddy's HPI Baja 5B!

Bret picked up this 1/5th scale HPI Baja 5B relatively cheap after it had been sitting in a garage for a wile! However after testing the truck out and seeing that it runs. Bret wanted to pour in some money into this truck and make it run like new...If not better then new!

And this is were I come into play! Figuring it would be a great opportunity to have this truck in the studio to show you guys how we go about rebuilding this as well as teach you all a few things!
So far are plans are as follows... We are going a head with re painting the chassis thanks to my good buddy Jay over at Warrior Armor, next is getting some new tires and rims, A new body, and possibly a few upgrade parts along the way! Are goal is to completely tear this truck down and replace all of the fluids and warn out parts, since this is the best method when purchasing used RC trucks of any kind!

If you have any question regarding this build feel free to ask! If you have any recommendations as far as some tips or trick that we should perform I look forward to hearing them! Heck you may even be mentioned when doing the build series!

Click here for more information on the HPI Baja 5B Trucks! - ( Please note...This is an older model then the one in the link!)

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