Friday, December 4, 2015

Axial Yeti Upgrades - Skid Plate - CBE RC Fab

A Skid Plate for your Stock Axial Yeti!!!! Hell Yes Ill take one!

CBE RC Fab is well know for their Yeti-X Conversion Kit along with many other aluminum and steel upgrades for your SCX10 and Yeti's!

However CBE RC Fab has decided to come up with one of the most simplest yet most beneficial upgrade for a stock Axial Yeti! After many requests, they took the same design and set up from their Yeti-X conversion and redesigned it to work on a stock 1/10 Yeti without you ever having to heavily modify it.

Not only do you get some awesome added protection from a 14 gauge steel plate but it also adds some lower center of gravity to the truck. Witch from my experiences is a great benefit for the yeti's!

Come check out this awesome product, as i do a little overview but also show you how easy it is to install on your own Yeti! The only modification that you need to make to your Yeti is drilling three small wholes in the bottom of the chassis to add 3 extra screws for added strength.

If you would like to know more about CBE RC Fab or want to order one of these badass skid plates follow the link below!

CBE RC Fab Skid Plate -!/CBE-RC-FAB-YETI-SKID-PLATE/p/56329053/category=13653400
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