Saturday, December 26, 2015

Baja Build Off - Hpi Baja 5B BUILD COMPETITION? WHAT!? - PT2

This HPI Baja 5B build has completely changed! In such a way that we are now being challenged by a fellow YouTuber To a HPI Baja Build off!!! ;)

That's right! We are no longer just doing some basic upgrades and and rebuilding this truck...but we are now building one of the coolest Baja 5B Buggies on YouTube! We were challenged by "DarkSharkz" On YouTube to build 2 crazy Baja Trucks. His truck is going to be a HPI Baja SC and Bret's and I's Baja will be a 5B Buggy.  When DarkSharkz challenged us to this build off their was no way we could say no! So both DarkSharks and myself set out to create some fun rules and get a few sponsors to help out with these two trucks to help really create some crazy looking trucks for all of are viewers!

I am totally looking forward to seeing how this all plays out, as i have never been challenged before with a time limit to create something that our viewers of the show wont forget! Haha. As you can see in the video Bret and i have started to accumulate some parts for a Baja 5B Buggy. Some of those parts include DDM'd Dominator pipe, RPM Control arms, Acer Racing Bearings, and other great goodies like the ProLine's Tires and Rims!

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DarkSharks YouTube Channel -

Parts Seen in the video -
Proline Racing Bow Tie Front Tires -

Proline Racing Bow Tie Rear Tires -

Proline Racing Front Wheels -

Proline Racing Rear Wheels -

DDM Tuning Dominator Pipe -

Acer Racing Bearings -

RPM Control Arms Front -

RPM Control Arms Rear -


- 5 months to build, starting the month of December. Ending no later than May 31, 2016.

- Can finish build series early. But cannot exceed May 31, 2016.

- Minimum of "1" video a month uploaded to YouTube.

- No restriction as to what can be purchased for upgrades.

- Builder must find his or her own extra sponsor(s) after the start of the build, if he so chooses.

- Vehicle must be in full running condition when this build off is complete.

- HemiStorm RC is to judge “HPI Baja Build Off”

Rules For Winning / Judging

1. Points will be awarded for Appearance and Functionality only.

2. A maximum of 5 points will be given for appearance, and a maximum of 5 points will be given for functionality. Possibly totaling 10 maximum points. Builder with most points is considered Baja Builder Champion.

3. Overall Appearance – 0-5 Point Scale (Based on: Theme, Creativity, & Customization)
4. Functionality – 0-5 Point Scale (Based on: Performance, Handling, & Durability)
5. Builders must create a finishing video showing off the overall appearance and functionality of the vehicle.

**Video must include all 4 sides of the Baja including Top View and under plastic body view. Video must also include a running video of some sort, to show off the vehicles performance and handling characteristics.**

6. How the video is produced is not import, as one or more person(s) may or may not be the greatest at filming or editing video(s).

7. Video will be submitted to YouTube and will be viewable by viewers and judges. Judges will make an announcement how he or she chooses, when he or she so chooses. (To be announced)

8. Video must be submitted and viewable on YouTube no later than May 31, 2016.

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